The 4MOST consortium invites the astronomical community to a workshop on Science with Large Area Spectroscopic Surveys to develop the specific needs for spectroscopic survey facilities in the next decade. This three-day workshop (13-15 Nov 2012) held at the AIP, Potsdam, will enable discussions between scientists from all astronomical fields from both inside and outside the 4MOST consortium, in order to ensure that the capabilities and observational strategies of 4MOST will satisfy the largest range of science opportunities as foreseen by the broader astronomical community.


More information about 4MOST can be found at www.4most.eu. We also provide a one page summary of the 4MOST facility.


Registration closes November 1. The Accomodation page contains information about pre-booked hotels and some recommendations. Instructions how to get to the Leibniz-Institut für Astrophysik Potsdam (AIP) meeting location can be found at the AIP Web site.


Cristina Chiappini (Chair), Roelof de Jong, Diana Johl, Olivier Schnurr, Axel Schwope, Jakob Walcher


Cristina Chiappini (Chair), Roelof de Jong, Hans Boehringer, Piercarlo Bonifacio, Elisabetta Caffau, Norbert Christlieb, Gavin Dalton, Sofia Feltzing, Patrick Francois, Eva Grebel, Amina Helmi, Mike Irwin, Francisco Kitaura, Andreas Koch, Andreas Korn, Hans G. Ludwig, Andrea Merloni, Ivan Minchev, Olivier Schnurr, Axel Schwope, Matthias Steinmetz, Scott Trager, Jakob Walcher, Nicholas A Walton


Diana Johl (djohl@aip.de), phone: +49 331 7499 347